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Our digital platform brings qualified craftspeople from abroad together with German crafts businesses.



Craftsmen are missing in Germany.


Apprenticeship positions remain vacant every year.


of all companies report a shortage of skilled workers.

This is where Craftsmen Beyond Borders comes in:

We are a digital platform that connects craftsmen from all over Europe with German craft businesses.

Our mission - bringing qualified parties together. 

Image by Ales Nesetril

This is where our teaser video comes in

For craft companies

Find qualified craftsmen from all over Europe

Dach reparieren

For craftsmen

Find work in a German craft business


frequently asked Questions

What exactly are you doing?  

We place craftsmen from abroad with crafts businesses in Germany and support the craftsmen with their arrival, housing search and integration. So far we only offer jobs in Germany.

How much does your service cost?  

Our service is free for applicants (craftsmen). We charge a brokerage fee for the craft companies, which depends on individual factors.

How does the mediation work?  

The craftsman sends us his documents and references. We compile these and present them to several potential employers. If one of the craftsmen is interested, we will give feedback to the craftsman and get in touch to discuss the contract and start date.  

Further questions?


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