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Scaffolders at IBEK Gerüstbau

Job Description

Scaffolders erect scaffolding for various areas of application, from single-family houses to bridges and smaller apartment buildings or even television towers to high-rise buildings. The scaffolding erector’s field of activity also includes the construction of mobile work platforms, grandstands or weather protection halls.


  • Transport of scaffolding parts to the construction site

  • Build one of the various scaffolds

  • Work mostly in a team

  • Eight-hour working days in a five-day week, with the possibility of working on Saturdays

  • Loading and unloading the truck


  • Many years of professional experience in scaffolding

  • Good team player

  • Quick grasp  

  • High sense of responsibility

  • readiness to learn

  • Motivation to stay permanently in the company and will yourself  to develop


  • At least €14.00 per hour in the first year, increase to at least €16

  • If you have a C driver's license, the starting salary is at least €19 per hour

  • 25 vacation days  

  • Vacation and Christmas bonus as 13 and 14 month salary

  • Open-ended contract with a German handicraft company  

  • Protection against dismissal

  • Opportunity for further qualification

About IBEK Scaffolding

IBEK Gerüstbau GmbH was founded in 1989 by the partners Ingo Brunner and Edgar Knienieder in Vaihingen an der Enz - the name of the company also came from their initials: IBEK. From the very beginning, reliability, quality and customer orientation were in the foreground.

A small two-family business, with a focus in and around Vaihingen/Enz, has meanwhile become one of the largest scaffolding companies in the greater Stuttgart area, with headquarters at the “Perfect Location” in Vaihingen/Enz-Ensingen.  For some time now, we have also been successfully taking care of the future of the trade and are training trainees in the 3-year apprenticeship to become skilled scaffolders in our company.

With currently over 40 employees, 13 of our own trucks and over 200,000 m² of scaffolding material, we are not only active in the Stuttgart area, but also in the Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Leonberg, Waiblingen, Pforzheim, Heilbronn and far beyond as a reliable scaffolding erector. In order to be able to guarantee this reliability at all times, we work primarily with our own employees and long-standing partners.

The reasons for the current size of the company are the uncompromising customer orientation and the high-quality and reliable work that we ensure through our experience, even with the most difficult projects.

Our clientele ranges from private individuals to craft and industrial companies to public clients. From facade scaffolding for renovation, to the event stage at a trade fair, to mobile internal scaffolding, we have the right solution for every project.

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